Redesign of the grape brandy Merakliska

Redesign of the grape brandy Merakliska

Redesign of the grape brandy Merakliska

Imako Vino winery has redesigned the packaging of the grape brandy Merakliska with new modern design of the label and the bottle.

Rakia (grape brandy) is one of Macedonia’s favorite traditional drinks, which deserves to be presented at its best. The redesigned packing is with modern and clean design, where in a subtle way the vine tree has been put in the focus of the label. The known taste of the grape brandy Merakliska remains, as it is well received among consumers and is recognizable for our product.

Merakliska is available in bottle sizes of 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1L and in a gfit box packaing with two rakia glasses.


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