Magnum – new wines in Imako Vino’s portfolio

Magnum – new wines in Imako Vino’s portfolio

Magnum – new wines in Imako Vino’s portfolio

In 2020, Imako Vino winery launched the collection MAGNUM – great quality wines aimed for the modern conscious consumer.

The focus when creating the collection MAGNUM was to produce wines with aromatic and varietal characteristics that will capture the attention of today’s consumer, whilst being good option as an everyday wine or for parties and larger gatherings.

The wines are in 1.5L glass bottle, a bottle size that has gained popularity in recent years as consumers have recognized certain benefits of this type of packaging rather than the standard bottle size.

  • 5L bottle = 2 standard wine bottles of 0.75 , double the volume of standard wine bottle
  • the focus in on the wine itself and its quality rather than the packaging
  • better value for money
  • more eco-friendly packaging due to lower usage of glass, transportation costs and CO2 footprint


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