Our main viewpoint in the production of wine outlines that wine making is not an industrial process but a creative one.

Vine growing and harvesting are a result of hard work all year round. However, that is only the beginning in the quest towards higher quality and perfection of our wines. We see wine as a lively substance that needs to be continuously cared and looked after.

Each step and each decision in the production of wine is following a calendar that disembarks the influence of the nature itself: the ripening of the grapes, its processing and wine vinification. We devote each step in a sincere pursuit towards a better quality and perfection.

The experience of wine with taste and aroma the way we have imagined it overwhelms the long-lasting work of vine growing for that moment of truth. The use of modern technology in Imako Vino Winery finds its purpose to improve the different phases of wine production. Nevertheless, we believe that technology will not shadow the human, because it is the human that can take pleasure in the joy of a glass of perfect Macedonian wine.

The modern production of wine enables us to balance the new technical sophistication methods with the long established tradition of wine making. By fusing tradition with innovation, Imako Vino Winery aims to fulfil its final purpose – production of quality wine for each table.

“Any winemaker is able to produce good wine in little quantities. To make fine, quality wine for a vast number of people is the real challenge. In our opinion, it is winemaking in the true sense. “