The winery is equipped with inox tanks of various capacity in order to enable grape selection and wine preservation. The vinification process takes place in special white and red universal vinificators, as well as roto-vinificators for red wine.Rigorous control is exercised in the process of vinification through automatic temperature control and by our expert team of oenologists. Special types of grapes are used for maceration in order to achieve colour and aroma complexity of the wine

Finalisation department is equipped with a polar-cryo system that facilitates immaculate wine clarification. In the production of semi-sweet wines, a systematic pasteurisation is used.

Imako Vino bottles wine in a variety of packaging. The pallet of glass containers ranges from 0.5l, 0.75l, 1l and 1,5l. Additionally, economy packaging of Bag-in-Box are available in volumes of 2l, 3l, 5l and 20l. PET-PAK packaging combines economy for consumers with fast-consumption wines. Wines in such packaging are available in 1l, 2l and 3l volumes.

We place a great focus of the constant monitoring and control of wine in our chemical and micro-biological laboratory. Combining technology and tradition drives us to fulfil our final goal – producing quality wine which can be enjoyed by many consumers.
Conformity of international food standards fortifies our goal. Imako Vino is certified by ISO 22000:2005 standard for manufacturing of safe foods and HACCP.