Маcedonia. Timeless.

An unforgettable name that evokes images of the past, great civilization and wonderful untouched nature. Warm and welcoming country in the hearth of south-east Europe.

The geographic location of Macedonia, the fertile soils and optimal climate conditions are exceptional for breeding vine and present a formation of distinguished tastes of the specific grape varieties. Macedonia has around 35 000 hectares of vineyards which enable production of remarkable quantities of wine. Macedonia has three larger vine regions: Osogovski, Povardarski and Pelagonski.

Winemaking has been blessed from traditions, enabling Macedonian winemakers a sense of uniqueness and continuity of customs aged of more then 2000 years.
The tradition of winemaking comes from the ancient times of Alexander the Great and the royal family for whom it is well known to be admirers of good wine. The tradition of vine growing and winemaking continues throughout the centuries and it is present today. Nowadays, the grape harvests are filled with songs and the winemakers invite their friends to try their grape must.

Once a year, on the 14th of February, Macedonian winemakers and vine growers celebrate the name of their patron, St. Trifun and the day is filled with celebrations of winemaking, love of good wine and wishes for a fertile year and good harvests.