Winery IMAKO VINO operates an interesting concept to ensure continuous supply of quality grape raw materials. The winery has a number of vineyards under its ownership, however it also maintains long-term contracts with co-operants, grape growers as well as individual agricultural producers. The total vineyard area estimates around 650 hectares.

The vineyards are located in the central and eastern part of Macedonia, the Povardarie region in many vine districts. This region enables optimal agro-ecological conditions to breed vine due to the presence of the correct types of soil for the used vine types, the climate conditions and the unpolluted vine region. Resedines, smolnici and diluvial soils are amongst the most attended. Climate conditions are more then acceptable with an average number of sun hours of 2293 hours and average air temperature between 12,4 – 14,8 Celsius.

Winery IMAKO VINO makes continuous efforts in the organisation and development of its vineyards on the basis of new scientific findings and advancements, introducing   intensive technologies of breeding specific grape varieties according to their traits and characteristics and improves its product assortment in line with the market dynamics.