The variety Vranec draws its origins from Montenegro and it is assumed that it is was created by using natural cross over. The variety characterizes the Macedonian red wines and this grape variety presents the base from which a number of quality and superior red wines are produced. It has medium sized or large grape bunch, ovally lengthened and extended. The grape bunch is medium dense or less compact, placed on a long hardened stem. The wines produced from the Vranec variety are medium to high in alcohol (12-13% vol.) and are rich in extracts and colored matters. They are distinguished by a harmonic taste with an emphasis of its variety scent and easy drinking.


 It is believed that the grape variety Smederevka is a Serbian variety, but it can not be guaranteed. It is breed in a number of Balkan countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and Romania. In Macedonia it can be found in all vineyards of the Povardarie wine region. The grape is of medium size or large with a cone shape, compact winging, medium dense or less compact. It is placed on a medium length, hardened stem. The conditions of Macedonia make it a typically wine variety, presenting a raw material for making quality white wines. The wines are characterized with ease of drinking, harmonic taste and fine vine scent.